Advantages of Steel Frame Homes:

  • No shrinking, warping, or twisting which allows walls, floors and ceilings to be straight and square therefore reducing finish work
  • A higher strength-to-weight ratio so homes can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, high winds, heavy snow load, torrential rains, termites and can span greater distancesI with less support.
  • It is assembled with screws which eliminates nailpops and squeaks.
  • Steel studs, joist and trusses are quicker to install.
  • Steel framed homes weigh as much as 30% less, so foundations can be lighter.
  • Steel framed homes provide a better path to ground when struck by lightening, reducing the likelihood of explosions or secondary fires.
  • Most steel framing is made to exact size in the factory so less waste is produced.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable.
  • Cost is very comparable.